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Dreams of the Future (collected from various internet sources)

TOTALITARIAN SOCIETY, POLLUTED FUTURE – Let me share a dream I had in 1988. I was somehow searching for something when I realized that people were chasing me (so far normal dream). I found myself in a lighthouse running up a spiral staircase with a bunch of secret service people in trenchcoats and pistols after me. When I got to the top of the light house I turned to confront my pursuers. Just then an oval hole opened in mid air next to me and a petite brunette with short hair and a midnight blue full body suit of some kind of spandex popped out. She told me there was no time, and that she had things to show me. She pulled me through the hole and we ended up in a desert war scene with jeeps swerving as mortar shells were falling left and right. The clothes the soldiers were wearing looked like desert storm material. She said: "This is your near future", which I gathered somehow to be prior to 2020, but closer to the beginning of the new century. She waved a hand and opened another hole and took me through. She said: "And this is a farther future", she mentioned some date that could have been 2025 or 2250, that part was fuzzy. But she said that farther future resulted from the nearer one. She left me there, saying she was much farther down the time line. In that farther future, I was in the Amazon in some kind of research colony performing genetic experiments. The community was a bunch of these large saucer-shaped habitats that could be at ground level or raised to a height of several hundred feet along a central tower. The place looked like a park with large ponds and these buildings. There was a brontosaurus in one pond chewing plants, and other animals that were difficult to define. The sun was setting and over to one side there was a road leading to some mine where genetically engineered miners worked. These were 7ft gorillas with the heads of horses that had human proportions, but were very muscular carrying sacks to one side of the community where there was some kind of refinery. I found someone in white coveralls, who assumed I was just part of the community, as I told him I was doing some report for school or something. He told me they were testing new slaves as many humans were sick and could not work. Apparently this place was a permanent community away from it all with the families of researchers, who were well-off and considered themselves lucky to be there. I woke up after a bit more exploring.

ECONOMIC CRISIS, WARS, REVOLUTIONS, ICE AGE – In my dreams surrounding 2012, I dreamt of first major global tensions around 2010: possibly economic crisis, war in some regions and political and social upheavel. Then by 2012 some sort of weird or cosmic thing happens, maybe a solar flare, one or two big tidal waves and a small climatic shift but no major stuff (at least many survive). By 2014 there seems to be less people and a colder climate (at least here) and by 2020 I have dreams of little people in cities, no cars and few shops, but a higher spiritual and religious interest. I will be living in a rural community by then. Then, decades later, cities become more high-tech, but many will be living in small communes.

DIFFERENT PHYSICAL LAWS, AMERICA'S LANDSCAPE RADICALLY ALTERED - The main features of my really marvelous dreams are played out in a variant of the 'regular' world of the here and now.  Instead of the Pacific Northwest being comprised of Puget Sound,  the Olympic Mountains are gone and the coast is much differently shaped.  There are an assortment of additional ferry boats, small towns, and so forth.  The topography is much more along the lines of Maryland, but rising to a high plain east of the big regional city, which has what's a Gotham-like feeling to it.  The tone (if this makes any sense) is that semi-real sense that came across in the early Batman films, but better lit, of course.
Most dreams don't involve too much travel, but there's enough of it in the dream world that here lately, I've taken to moving about a bit more in it - purposefully trying to map it.
Oh, sure, lots of curious things happen there, including an ability to fly and 'ride the energy grid' of earth.  The curious thing about the flying is that it seems to come in two distinct flavors.  One flavor is accomplished in a kind of 'hoverboard' way.  You run  a few steps and then make a 'hop up' motion and then ride along for as far as you're interested.  It takes very little effort to do this, but there's one trick to it:  You need to be sure of the direction and the presence of of a solid energy grid/ ley line otherwise you fall flat on your face.  That was a fun dream to have, trust me.
The other way of flying it a little more complicated to achieve and the first time you do it, you'll likely be alone in a confined space.  In my particular 'learn to fly' dream, I was at a hotel (or some such) and the learning was very much a matter of concentration on the topic.  It starts with being relaxed and 'tuning in' to a particular buzz or humming sound that can be tapped into that seems to encompass the area from about the navel up to mid-chest.  It's hard to describe it, but it's a cross between a hum and a buzz...very much a vibrational thing.  Very powerful and deep in the chest.
The lands south of what would be the Pacific Northwest are more regular and not nearly as expansive as Oregon and California.
To the east, our home in Texas is in a much different kind of land; hard to describe it, except to say that the Cascade Mountains are lower, and while what 'feels' like Texas is over there, it is not as big; taking only 3-4 hours to drive, not this 3-day agony of real life.

CHANGED PERCEPTION OF REALITY –  I was outside with some of my family and we were looking at the sky. Some part of it seemed like it had a hole in it. It's kinda hard to describe, but it seemed like the sky we see isn't the "real" sky, but instead I got a peek of what is really there. The sight of what I saw was really astonishing. I saw planets which were really nearby and constellations of stars, and that in broad daylight. The "hole" seemed to grow bigger and bigger until it covered the entire sky.

DIFFERENT ARCHITECTURE, NO CARS – There were no wooden or brick houses. All the buildings were domed over in bright red, blue, and yellow. There were no people or vehicles in evidence. I saw an electric bus on the street. There were no cars. I asked where the cars were and I saw shown one car and it was on the river.

SMALL COMMUNITIES NEED TO BECOME INTERCONNECTED – There were lots of small groups and they were aligned in several columns and that seemed to be a very precarious way of living. The people were arranged in a loosely arranged stacks and not at all connected. Then I noticed some new people come in near the bottom of the groups and they began to form a bridge between the 1st stack and the 2nd stack of people which made both stacks more stable. I could see immediately, that the more bridges people built between each group, the more stable the whole of humanity would be.

UNHEEDED WARNINGS OF A DARK FUTURE – I love trains and I was crossing the track before the train got to the path, which was all well and good, but as I turned to tell the others that the train was coming, a young blonde boy was following me and would have been on the railroad tracks when the train came. So, I had to turn back and grab the boy up into my arms to keep him out of harm's way until the train went by. Then I could go home. That was all well and good, but when I turned back to wait for the oncoming train, some people, riding bicycles were slowly riding down the path on the other side of the tracks and were slowly coming across the tracks to the school and didn't see or hear the train coming. So, I yelled at them, "Get off the tracks, the train is coming." That was all well and good, but that didn't make the people move any faster. They actually stopped on the tracks to look to see if the train was actually coming like I was saying. Then, more and more people came behind them, all on bicycles, dressed in heavy winter clothes. They were all ON the track ahead of the train, riding slowly and nonchalantly. That would have been all well and good that they were coming to the school, but the train was coming down the track faster than they were riding. I yelled even louder at them to get their attention, "THE TRAIN IS COMING, THE TRAIN IS COMING!" Some people turned to look and see if I was telling the truth, but nobody moved faster at my warning cries. I was like my words were falling on deaf ears and I started to feel afraid for them. I just couldn't get them to move faster before the train got there.

SHORTAGE OF DRINKABLE WATER - My dreams are all in color starting middle 2005. So everything I dream nowadays, they are enhanced and I can see details, feel alive and thus feel weak after each dream of the flood because I would feel as if I really experience the dream. A few days ago, I had another dream in which me & several others had great difficulty finding clean water. In that dream, we were living in a dirty surrounding, dirty soil everywhere and the only clean running water comes from a dusty pipe where the was very little water coming out.

SAME AS ABOVE – I have had a recurring dream of a little boy pointing to a tap(fawcet) and asking this old lady what it was. She tells him what it was and what it used to do! At first he laughs, saying “Gran, that’s silly, no one can make water leave the river without a bucket.” She tell’s him again it’s true. And he wistfully looks at it, wishing it would work so he wouldn’t have to walk to a dirty river to wash, drink etc. The end(sic)

IMPRISONED AND DRUGGED – I’ve had a dream where I was imprisoned in a prison that had no gates and we were free to go wherever we wanted. The only problem is, they drugged our food with something that got us all addicted so we always felt the need to come back to the prison everyday to get our dose of drugged food because we couldn’t live without it. So even if we had the liberty of going wherever we wanted, we would always come back in the “prison” everyday. I forgot to mention it but it was like a poison/antidote because I remember seeing people die around me because they didn’t go back to the prison and when I tried to resist going back, I felt weakened and couldn’t even walk but I woke up at that point with a weird feeling.

METEORITES, FIRES – In another dream, I was running with my 3 youngest children, there were meteorites falling to the earth, and I knew we would be safe if we could get to this place we were running to, as we neared there, I looked to the South and saw a wall of fire, I gathered my children around me and we all crouched down, I told them not to be scared, that we would be okay, we closed our eyes and then I woke up.

HUNTED AND KNIFED – I remember running down the streets of a ruined, abandoned city. Running for my life. I turn down an alleyway and come straight to a dead end. I remember thinking I don’t have time to get over the wall that blocks me before they get here. I turn to fight and all I see are the most hateful eyes I have ever seen. I can’t make out any other features just those cold, hateful eyes. Then I feel the blade go in just below my sternum. It comes out of my back to one side of my spine. I’d wake up still feeling as though I’d been impaled and clutching at my chest... everytime without fail. I think the reason this one stopped is that I understand without a doubt that I was having a vision of my own death sometime in the future and that it doesn’t have to happen.

FEW SURVIVORS – And the sun went into a dark eclipse and it looked like the world was crumbling out from under me. I Was in the middle of a huge city and there was nobody there, i mean nobody. no noise, just some car alarms, birds and some animals. Then a bomb shelter thingy opened and exactly 13 people came out. Later more people came from nowhere(there was a timelapse) and we started our community out of a few people. we stayed on the move looking for more people. We settled down in a small city and had gathered everything from cities we had visited. we were the last. then i got woke up.

UNDERGROUND SHELTER – in this dream i’m under ground with all these people what looks like to be my tunnel that i’m building but there alot more people then i thought would be in there. there are kids running around and people are sick, or are to weak to move there bodies. i go to the surface and i can’t see any blue sky there all black. i here generators in the distance and i see a power cord i follow it to a green room for growing food. and i keep seeing these flashes in the distance and very loud booms like theres a war going on or something. everyone is crying and they all look to me for help.

METEORITES – there are so many of these rock things, various sizes, and they don't necessarily destroy everything, but they are EVERYWHERE and you can see them coming from a long distance away - they start out as spots in the sky and gradually get closer until they are in the atmosphere or whatever, I'm not really sure how they land, etc.

NEMESIS AND UFOs – All of a sudden the entire planet begins to move/shake, but the movement of the Earth isn't as startling as the noise "it" makes. Like a grind, a screech, and a hum all at the same time. I then notice that there are some people around me and they commenting on how it was the Moon. Either I neglected to notice the Moon before or it just appeared in my dream at a certain point in the eastern sky, but either way it was CLOSE. If I were to estimate it seemed as if it were maybe half the current distance. Another thing that startled me was the fact that the Moon was horribly distorted, as if it had been hit by something massive. The majority of the top right and bottom left sections of it were completely missing (my conscious thoughts remember it as looking like the dividing line in a yin-yang symbol, or a thick letter 's'). Next, in the western sky I noticed a shining red star/celestial body. It's hard to say how close it was to me because I don't remember knowing if it was a star or a planet in my dream so I have no guess on the size of the object. If it were a star, it would have been farther away than the Sun, but you could still make out a circular shape to it, rather than a blip/dot like all other stars. If it were a planet, it had to have been fairly far away, but closer to us than any other planet. Finally, I remember a ship/aircraft of some sort flying over at an enormous speed; faster than anything I've seen IRL but slow enough to actually track it across the skies with your eyes. The ship was in our atmosphere, but quite high up, and I'm not sure if it was a human aircraft or alien, but I remember feeling a sense of fear in the dream as if it were an alien spacecraft.

NEMESIS AND THE MOON – Well I'm assuming its two moons, but anyway me and my oldest daughter are outside, its chilly but not cold. And she is like look, pointing up and to the south, its the moon in its waning position and you can see a bright star off to its higher point. I was like yeah thats pretty and I get my camera out and she is like oh my god mom look at that, pointing alittle more to the side, that can't be the moon to, and it looks like a huge full moon.
She was terrified in my dream but I was more in awe and peaceful feeling, it was weird.

BIGGER/CLOSER MOON – I looked out at the window and the moon was coming up in the west. It was 10 times bigger than normal. Was the moon closer or was that an illusion? Since when does the moon come up in the west? Just that fast, the clouds were scudding northward n the sky again really fast. It seemed like the whole city skyline was moving with it.
TSUNAMIS/FLOODS – Then one day I was watching a TV show where some people said they had received dreams and visions and saw maps of the United States of America being overcome by the ocean. Some said this was caused by earth quakes and some said by a comet hitting the earth. One said it was a combination of both, that the earth quakes were caused by the comet or something hitting the earth from space. The East, West and South coastal areas were submersed in water. The coastal cities and towns were under water. Many millions of people were killed in these events. LA, New York, New Orleans and almost all of Florida were under water. A huge section of the central U.S. coming up the Mississippi River was under water. Massive areas of Texas was under water. Islands dotted the Western areas where California, Oregon and Washington States once were. Huge areas of Mexico were totally submersed in water.

FLOOD AND ICE AGE – All of a sudden, a large wall-size map of Wisconsin appeared, which I could touch. The lower southeast quadrant of the state was more or less inundated by water. All the lowlands was covered by water, with patched of land where the hills were. Then anther map of Wisconsin appeared in the same place. This one was totally different. There were no features on the state at all - it was light brown and flat all the way down to south of Chicago. On this map, it said, ' ICE AGE - 2123' [2023?] Below the Illinois border, across the central 1/3 of the state were numerous rows of what looked like ice blocks or limestone blocks - perhaps ice. The map vanished and I could hear a heavy wind blowing through the house. There was a young woman there trying to light the gas oven to no avail. The wind was blowing through the house really strongly. There were two children playing there who hadn't eaten anything.

VOLCANIC ERUPTIONS – I floated into another massive room that had a huge fireplace built into one wall and built with smaller golden fieldstone, and above the mantle of the fireplace, it read MT. SHASTA. From this room, I could see other rooms through the doors, but they were all down from this level. All the other rooms were underground.

ICE AGE I was manager of an apartment building scheduling maintenance work and doing other people's laundry along with my own white and pink sweaters. It seemed like most of the people in the building wanted their bathroom plumbing fixed all in the same day. We had never been so busy. I made note that it had got steadily warmed up outside and all of a sudden everything iced over like an ice age. Someone scratched off a bit of ice and there was a date revealed 1-02-2022.
NOTA BENE - NASA has predicted that the solar cycle peaking in 2022 could be one of the weakest in centuries and should cause a very significant cooling of Earth’s climate. Will this be the trigger that initiates a new Ice Age? With the advent of Solar Cycle 24, many scientists expect a massive spike in solar activity that will have the potential to disrupt satellites, cell phones, and air traffic in 2012. But the real concern is Solar Cycle 25. Around 2022, a catastrophic drop in sun activity—the lowest in centuries, according to NASA—may cause temperatures on earth to plunge, inaugurating an extended period of cold. In other words, a new ice age.

REGIME CHANGE IN THE USA / FLOODING – When their vacation ws over, they tried to get back into the U.S, but the border was closed. As it turned out, the rest of the world had had a Pole Shift, except for Canada never felt it. Michelle and Paul were taken to a crowded camp where people were being taken. At the camp, there was a television on, showing the news from the U.S. It showed that there was an election going on to vote in a new President. (It wasn't mentioned what happened to the old President). Then they showed a map of the U.S. showing major disasters from coast to the other. Most of the East coast was under water. There was no State of Florida. Where the Mississippi river was supposed to be, was a huge inlet of the sea that widely divided America, all the way up to Minnesota and Wisconsin. California, Oregon, and Washington State were mostly gone under water, except for the mountains which stood out like small islands. In the northern area of California, the sea had encroached all the way to Salt Lake City, Utah. Salt Lake City was now beach front property.

EARTHQUAKE-RELATED NUCLEAR DISASTER ON THE EAST COAST IN WINTER – At that point, I had an instant vision of a map of the Eastern half of the United States and from a point at the Eastern end of Lake Erie - in a triangular widening shape, the whole area had turned brown like the cloth like it was obliterated. NOTE: In the dream I had prior to this one, I was in the same apartment and I went out to find something to eat and there was slick ice in the streets, so the time frame is 'winter'. I couldn't get anything to eat because there were only stand-up places along the street so I went back home to find something to eat. The dream above seems to be a continuation of the first one.

POLE SHIFT– I was in my childhood backyard in Nevada. It was current time, maybe the next week or month. The grass was green. All of the sudden there was a quake and it seemed like the horizon was being folded from the South. It was over in a matter of a few seconds and I could feel the earth actually rotate about 1/4-1/3 from the equator. So if you were in the US, it went up to where the North Pole was and Russia went to the Indian Ocean( I'm not sure that that is what direction everything went, but kind of like that and not knowing for sure was part of the dream). I regretted not knowing enough about moon phases to figure it out. It got very cold within minutes and we lost communications and electricity, but didn't have local damage. I knew that there had been a pole shift and I was trying to figure out whether we had enough resources (heat, food) to last until we figured out exactly what was going to happen. It was getting bitterly cold so I assumed that our place had gone toward the location of the North Pole. I realized that depending on what was happening in other places, people would either be coming here or trying to get away and was trying to orient myself as to where I should go.

DEEP IMPACT – All of a sudden, out the window, a tall plume of black smoke appeared and I wondered what was on fire. Just as suddenly, big bombs of fire started coming into the yard, seemingly from whatever was burning. I hoped none landed on the house. Just that suddenly, we got a downpour of heavy rain even though there were no clouds in the sky. It last less than 5 minutes. At least it put out the fires in the yard. Then a huge river of water came rushing past the house from the left and I was thinking to myself, "It didn't rain all that long to create a river of water that size!" Then the whole earth move sideways and the river came to an abrupt stop in a big white crescendo and started moving backwards. I could feel the whole earth moving backwards under me in the opposite direction. My first thought was, "earthquake" then "where can we run to?" then "something hit the earth on the other side, so big, it stopped the earth from moving in the direction it was going." I was so dizzy now, I couldn't even stand up to run anywhere and I started to feel panic stricken and I could see everyone else falling down because they couldn't stand up, and I woke up completely freaked out. It was 4:44 a.m. on the clock.

VOLCANO  CALIFORNIA – I was in California with a group of men from my family. There was a big sports reunion of some kid going on nearby and all the men wanted to be there.  My grandson Brian (means strong) was my driver and we headed out go to the stadium. When we turned onto the freeway with all the traffic, I could see a mountain range in the distance.  Brian was freeway driving, but I was rather sightseeing and I said, "Oh my gosh! you can see the mountains from here." Brian nonchalantly said, "Yeah!" Then I saw a mushroom cloud come up in the mountain. I said, "Did you see that?" He said, "What?" because he was busy driving and didn't have time to look where I was looking. I said, "A mushroom cloud just came up from the mountain." He said just as nonchalantly, "Nah!" Just then, a larger mushroom cloud came up from under the first mushroom cloud.  We were heading right towards it. I said, "Shouldn't we pull over and stop?" He said, "Nah! That's pretty far away." At that moment, the whole mountain blew up, and the mushroom cloud rose into the air so high, I couldn't see the top of the cloud from inside the car. Cars were still driving so fast so they could get somewhere - anywhere at that point. I couldn't even scream because I was too stunned. We were driving as fast as we could with the traffic. I said, "We have to get off the freeway." and he didn't even bother to answer because there was nowhere to go.  All of a sudden, a long plume of red lava came streaking across the sky in our direction. It was arching over, and I prayed we could get all the way under it so that when it hit the ground, it would hit behind us.  It looked like it was going to land right on our car.  I don't know how we got off the freeway, but we ended up in a huge underground garage with hundreds of other cars. I was scurrying around with other men trying to help do something - anything at this point.  There was a stairway off to the side of the cars and saw a stack of newspapers there. So I ran up the stairs to get the newspapers and spread out the paper over the lava spots that were drying on cars and pavement. I wasn't alone. Nobody knew what to do - it was too devastating. My own family seemed okay, but it was obvious everyone was highly distressed. I even saw Bob the painter there. (He is a football and basketball fan).

TSUNAMI - I can remember almost all the dreams ive had about this violent ocean, I have great respect and fear of the ocean, lately when i have been at the beach, i am too afraid to turn my back to the ocean, when i stay at a hotel, on the beach. i cant sleep at night because when i go out on the balcony at night all u see is black and you here the roar of the ocean, sometimes i would listen to the waves and whenever i hear a pause in the constant waves, i get scared all i can think of is that, the next thing im gonna see is a shiny glimmer of silver which means im looking at the crest of a tsunami thats speeding towards me.

TSUNAMI – My second dreams was actually a series of horrifying dreams one after another in which the sea repetedly rose up into a giant wave and crashed down on me, killing me each time…and then I would be another person, somewhere else along that same shore…yikes, the dream went on and on.

COSMIC DEBRIS/TSUNAMI – I had a tsunami dream last night. At first it was a falling star and i though how beautiful!but then it turned into a huge ball of fire and landed in the ocean it was bigger than what i first thought and created a huge tsunami,(one that would basically wipe off a huge portion of the earth) and we all knew we would die because of not enough time to evacuate. but then a white tiger appears and tries to attack me and a huge snake appeared out of nowhere and the white tiger turned its attention to that and devoured it. it was so strange!

TSUNAMI I was on a Southern California beach packed with people. I saw the wave coming and started screaming for everyone to get out. All ignored me. I then drove to Thousand Oaks, which was higher and more inland, behind Malibu. I walked into a “new” mall, and into a “new” bookstore which had no merchandise. In 1982, the Thousand Oaks Mall, indeed, was new. No such bookstore ever existed. Many years later, I live near that mall, which is now being torn apart to construct a NEW gigantic mall in its place. I wonder: Is a new bookstore going into this new mall now? Was I possibly seeing 2009 in my old dream?

TSUNAMI IN AUSTRALIA – I felt I was safe there. Interestingly enough I started talking to one of the Australian locals in my dream and told him that I’ve been having several dreams about tsunamis and somehow I either knew I was dreaming again or I thought my dreams finally became real. but it didn’t stop there;I found my self dreaming in my dream( I dreamed that I was asleep and had a dream) in the dream someone invisible wrote something on a blurred mirror… ORIOLETE FETE, or ORTIOLETE FETE… I remember I wrote that down on a piece of paper(in my dream) so I would remember it when I woke up… suddenly I found myself somewhere else… I was with an ethnic kid probably a 10 year old, and we were running away from a global tsunami…It was the most terrifying experience…the sky was gray and cloudy and we were in a freeway in mountains (everywhere was covered in snow) and I clould see the huuuuge waves coming from behind the tall mountains and water was covering the land… and that was it…when I woke up I tried to remember that wierd name…ORIOLETE FETE… I had no idea what it meant, so I googled it Oriolete didn’t come up but when I was searching for a word similar to it on dictonary and I found a similar looking word and it meant meteorites or a huge mass of metal, and fete means a day of celeberation… so I’m thinking it means a day wit many meteorites…and if that could be ture…maybe we are being warned that many meteorites hitting the earth in one day are going to cause a huge global tsunami…….

“PHAETON” COMET/AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND BURNS – I dreamt myself and my family (plus additives...babies.. namely with my sister) on a hill. It was a hot, bright summers day (I live in NZ, dec is summer) It seemed as though some form of pic-nic or festival was occuring, there were a great many people and at the bottom of the hill were bleachers like you get at a stadium or ball park... I believe the setting to be Auckland NZ because I saw the sky tower. Everyone seemed to be merrily going about their business.. I looked up and noticed something quite beautiful.. quite remarkable... I noticed others notice it too... The object was large like a glowing disc like the sun but brighter...getting brighter still... I could see movement within its core rapid flashes... It may have been the sun.. it may not.. I remember distinctly being confused about this because the object got so bright it filled the entire sky with a great white light... I remember looking for the sun.. The light grew stronger. We were all in awe, I remember thinking “this is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen” Suddenly a great heat flooded my body... This heat was very intense I remember it scalding.. I felt like I was cooking at a great speed. I saw a wave of energy rush through the masses of people...told my family to run to the bleachers.. we all ran I looked around and I remember feeling raw...I saw those surrounding me and everyone was pink, like their flesh had been literally peeled. I remember thinking just before I awoke.. “wake up Regina, this isn’t real, this is not %$#@ real, this has to be a dream, wake up, wake up, wake up” I woke up with sweating and boiling hot. It was very real feeling... I felt the pain intensely, my heart was beating rapidly when I woke up.

METEORITES – Last year, sitting in a hostel, I was talking to a woman and we got on the topic of dreams She mentioned she’d had a recurring dream for years about being in a city and suddenly there was fire falling from the sky, explosions, chaos, buildings collapsing etc and being surrounded by death and destruction.

NEMESIS – I painted a huge Moon (full moon) with another planet that must be the Earth... but in my painting I would say the Earth is ¼ the size of the Moon. The Earth is half a healthy blue/green the other half is orange like fire ! I also had a strong urge to paint a very small Planet very close to the Earth. I also painted the milkyway and a fair size black hole and 2 comets. I would post it on here if anyone would like to see...but I cant work out how to upload a image on here.

METEORITES – I was in a large city, but I’m not sure which one. The time of day was mid-afternoon and the sky was clear and blue except for a gigantic explosion, high in the atmosphere, which spread and blotted out the sun. I did not hear the explosion. Everything was oddly quiet. The explosion looked like a gray ball of smoke with fingers coming out of it, shaped sort of like a spiny, sea urchin. The blast was far away, making it seem like it was frozen in space. It hovered in the sky barely changing its shape. For the time being the city was unaffected by it, but a mass exodus of people had begun. The streets were jammed with vehicles, forcing most of us to walk. At the time of the dream I had no children, but in the dream I was responsible for several children and kept them with me as we were trying to escape the city.
Everyone was calm, but there was a sense of urgency to get out of the city and to head for the hills to a secret place of refuge. I was not sure if I was seeing it was a nuclear explosion, an asteroid hitting the moon or two asteroids colliding or something else. In the dream I did not question what I was seeing. I knew that we were fleeing the city because of it and there was the knowledge that something even worse was about to befall the world. People were not panicking, but there was an overwhelming sense of despondency. Everyone was orderly and eerily silent. As people were leaving the city, another line of people were entering it. The strange part was that they were dressed in costumes like it was the Mardi Gras or Halloween. It was a big party to them. They were drunk and laughing and being obnoxious. They were taunting the people that were leaving. I remember looking at them as if they had lost their minds, thinking, “Can’t you see what is happening!?” I knew that the partiers didn't understand what was coming and it was a certainty that they were all going to die. I was rather uncertain of my own future as well, but their was at least a little hope. And, that was the end of the dream.

NEMESIS – I have had a few dreams where I look at the moon and its not normal. Like a dark red, or different shadows, and even sometimes I have seen 2 moons like yourself.

NEMESIS – Avant de raconté en quoi il consistait , j aimerai vous dire a quel point il ma marqué part la clarté des couleurs , tellement Vives ! JE me voi comme sur un balcon , je ne suis pas seul .. Je regarde vers le ciel .. et la .. stupefais .. Le ciel n'est pas bleu .. mai ampli de couleur incroyable , comme des aurore boreal , Un ciel de toute couleur .. et UNe planète Absolument Gigantesque dans le ciel ! Rouge .. Enorme !! .. et je me souvient , je dis .." Ce n'est pas la Lune ça ?!!" en la regardant.. Je me souvient aussi de vols d avions de chasse dans le ciel ,et des chose bizare ce qu on pourrai appellez de ovni; et je sent la panique autour de moi (mes proches).

CIVIL WAR – 'll share one of my dreams that is in some ways similar to this and illustrates my point. For me, highly vivid dreams are somewhat common and tend to occur in cycles. This dream however, was unusual in the sense that it was so vivid that it took up about 15 handwritten 8.5X11 pages in my journal and contained specific temporal and spatial references, which is highly unusual for me. I had it  on 10/20/07. The backdrop of the dream was a third-world America that was undergoing a civil war. The military controlled the major cities and strategic areas, but vast swaths of the country had become war zones or "free cities" that were bases for resistance fighters. The setting was somewhere near Charleston, SC and the time was fall 2011. (I ascertained this date based on picket signs seen in the dream that said 2011 was the last year to join the armies of God and the temperatures I felt during the dream) In the dream, Florida, where I now live, had become uninhabitable and there had been a mass exodus. The dream didn't say exactly why, but you can imagine I got a few chills when all this stuff started coming out about the BP oil spill. According to a girlfriend of sorts that I had in the dream, she and her friend had rescued me after they found me unconscious after a raid that was launched against the evacuees. This girl worked for the military and helped me smuggle materials out of the military bases. Due to economic collapse, raw materials were hard to come by and the military had a lot of scrap to dispose of due to the ongoing civil war. One could make a decent living selling refuse to various street vendors. We lived in an abandoned medical clinic, and the first part of the dream detailed our daily struggles in an apocalyptic America full of nationalistic and 2012 furor. At some point, this girl had a dream about going to Charleston, which was a short bus ride away, and convinced me to go. When we got to Charleston, we got caught in a battle and were rescued by some "monks" who looked Buddhist and brought us to their teacher, or whatever. The teacher had a chart of 12 colored circles with a little cross-shaped design in them. He said something about forming a group where each of the color essences were represented. He said the girl represented the "green" essence and I was more of a dark blue. After that, we went looking for someone who had the "red" essence who was apparently being chased by the NSA. After a brief entanglement with them, the girl had another vision that told her that we needed to go to New Mexico to find the next essence. The dream ended there. While it was a very interesting dream, I didn't ascribe any special significance to it. The fact that it was somewhat predictive of the economic situation was interesting, but I had been reading a lot about how the economy was living on borrowed time and it would have been easy for my mind to fabricate a world based on my expectations of what a collapse would look like. The bit with the Buddhist monk and the female shamanic elements was also interesting, but it is easy to use these things to inflate one's self-importance about being chosen by special teachers to go on special quests. So far the bit about looking for the 12 essences has had no relevance at all to my 3D life. The one thing that I took away from this dream is that I started looking at the economy much more closely, and it has helped become more cautious in some minor financial decisions where being riskier like I was prior to the dream would have been a bad move. There may be a point where the 12 essences may suddenly become relevant, and give me the extra insight to make a decision, but as of right now it seems to be little more than idle fantasizing.

FAKE TERRORIST ATTACK IN ISRAEL – She was seeing two pair of men's hands - closeup while they were sitting at a conference table. One had a southern accent, one had a Jewish accent. They started talking about the possibility that if Iraq sent a biological weapon into Israel, they could attack Saddam Hussein with a nuclear bomb; that nobody could blame them for retaliating. The Jewish man said, "But he hasn't done that and if he did do that, it would kill 1/2 of our people." The man with the southern accent said, "But what if it was a 'controlled' attack. What if it was 'CONTROLLED?" The Jewish man then said, "What nuclear weapons? like he didn't know about any nuclear weapons. The men with the southern accent said, "With these", and threw him a set of keys. "A biological or chemical attack could be done in a controlled way"

WAR WITH RUSSIA – I was in the country somewhere at a camp in a heavily wooded area. I was carrying a yellow folder and went with some women into a room in a building. We women were told to take a vote on whether or not we were going to go to war with Russia. There was a screen-like machine in the room and on the screen I could see multi-colors vibrating, which meant to me that Russia was not going to attack us - they were only making noises like they were going to. We women took a vote a whether we were going to war. The answer was unanimously, "No!" We women were so happy that our country did not have to go to war with Russia. We went outside where the men were standing and told them our answer. I looked out into the woods like an Indian would and my eyes searched carefully into the forest and here and there I saw little square black pixels flashing. The head man suddenly announced that we were going to have to evacuate the camp because we were going to war with Russia. I saw that the head man was carrying a black folder. I was stunned that the head man told everyone that we were going to war, when the women had just voted unanimously that Russia was not gong to attack us. Then I saw that people were divided into three groups. The seers carried yellow folders, the warriors carried black folders and the peacemakers carried blue folders. We women carried yellow folders, the men all carried black folders. I didn't see anyone with a blue folder. We were going into a war that was unnecessary and Russia was only sabre-rattling.

EARTHQUAKES/RELOCATION IS A TRAP/LETHAL AIRPORTS (DENVER?) I saw the earth shaking in the western U.S., and I saw people trying to leave those shaking areas very very quickly -- as in grab what you can and haul ass right now, this instant. I saw masses of people all trying to find a preferred method of transportation -- buses, cars, trains, and airplanes, as expected. Because of road conditions, and some "source" telling the people that driving is extremely dangerous, many people opted for buses, trains, and airplanes, leaving their cars behind. My perspective was like that of a 10,000 foot view from above, looking down on the earth. I saw planes landing at various airports. One airport in particular was somewhere with mountains very nearby (in the Midwest by the Rockies), and I saw literally thousands of distressed people all over that airport. It had become their new home temporarily since they had nowhere else to go. No motel/hotels; no apts; no vacant homes; no tents to buy; nada, zip, nothing. They had to stay at the airport for shelter, sleeping on the floors where ever they can find space on the floor. I heard someone's mind saying, "look at them all coming here like good little sheep" and this person had a huge grim on their male face while overlooking the situation developing at the airport. It got over-crowded really fast too. Suddenly people are walking and heading themselves in a certain direction in the airport, like they're headed towards something they need: shelter and food they think. They're taken to transport cars, like a mini-rail system, and taken below ground. I don't think the people really know they're headed underground, per se. When they get to where they're going, there are massive areas of open space, and plenty of that chain link fence stuff all around, creating holding areas. The people are herded in to those holding areas. They are not free here, and never will be again I suspect. I pick up the incredibly distinct feeling of deception all around. Everyone's jaw is basically on the ground so-to-speak in disbelief. They will not stay here in these initial holding areas. They will be moved again to other areas of the country, and this movement will also be underground on rail transports. Many many people never see the light of day again. They're prisoners now, and apparently, this was the plan from square one. "They" (those who seek to control) knew this would happen. It was in fact planned this way. They knew 100's of thousands of people would head to the airports, so that's one reason they built "bases" at airports: to collect these people very easily once they arrived. From this vision, I have to say that were I any of you, and the shit hit the fan in regards to volcanoes and earthquakes, I would not venture towards an airport, and I would not under any circumstances allow myself to be "guided by the government" to what might be called "safe shelter". Don't do it. Don't do it. Don't do it. Take care of yourself up front. If you live in those areas likely to experience quakes, make plans for relocation now so when the time comes, you'll have a place to try and go to. I say try, because I see many people not making it to where they're going in the heights of the ensuing chaos.

U.S. DICTATORSHIP – There was no work to be had in the country, (United States) so I had gone to town to look for a job. There were no longer stores along the main city streets, they were in clusters at intervals. There were big government offices everywhere. Along 17th street, lawns were being reconstructed and I tried to assist but there wasn't enough grass to go around. The men were huddled around the bars, not drinking but checking the stock market, worrying themselves sick to see if they had lost everything. It was a well kept secret but I had been chosen as mediator between sides between our country and the Overtakers. The schools were being organized at this moment to march the children to government camps and take them away from their parents. I managed to sneak up to the 20th street school where my youngest son was in 1st grade. I spotted him and grabbed him by the arm and we rushed down the street together. He said, "I've been calling you all day, hoping you'd come and get me." I was watching the other mothers who weren't able to find their children and rescue them before they were marched away to camp. I helped to hold one mother up from collapsing. She was devastated that he daughter hadn't been seen. I knew that the secret guns were trained on Madison, WI (The capital city of our state) and these children were going to be used as hostages.

NEW WORLD ORDER – I then opened one last hidden door which opened into a small theatre-type room. It had theatre-type seats in it. The theatre was about 12 seats wide with aisles on both sides and the seats in the middle. I recall that the seats were royal blue but the light was rather dim in there. However, on the 1st three rows of seats were stone or plaster castings of faces of people laying there. They seemed to be all profiles of men. I asked a person who was behind me what this was all about. The person said without hesitation, "This is the New World Order". The hairs on the back of my neck and arms stood on end and as I looked at the stone profiles, there were two large ones in the 3rd row that actually had horns on like the old pictures of the Devil. I thought there was only one Devil, but there were two horned profile faces in the 3rd row. I went to the 3rd row and picked up both stone faces. I intended to throw them out into the street and smash them, but as soon as I picked them up, they became animated and started writhing around in my hands until I dropped them. Now on the floor, they started shape-shifting into little toy stuffed animals. I started to try to kick these little toy animals to try to get rid of them, but they were pretty quick in moving away so I never got a well-placed kick at them. They finally ended up laying in a corner. One looked like a little harmless pink bunny rabbit and the other like a little beige Teddy Bear. I woke up before I could get rid of them. NOTE: The pink bunny is "Bunny Harriman" and the Teddy Bear is 'Ted Turner"

USA: THE JEWISH NATION - I was at a gathering place where people were coming together from every direction. This was all being done (in slow motion). It was time for the trains to come in and many children were sleeping on the floor. We decided to just leave them there. A descending escalator was bringing people and suitcases down to the trains. Every so often, something would go astray. One time a sheet of US stamps got pushed off the escalator ramp. I was trying to decide whether to pick it up or not and it tore in half. The one half stayed as stamps with US flags on them. The other half turned intoa silver business card which said, "JEWS USA and "THE JEWISH NATION!" I was then standing on the train platform which all the trains came rushing by. There was barely an inch of space between them.

SAI BABA IS EVILhe spoke of how this hole was over Arizona, new Mexico, and part of very northern Mexico.  Baba then seemed to have "slides" where pictures were projected out in front of the other people, to perhaps illustrate the lecture. I saw a picture of the land near of a city, only rubble and a corner of a foundation could I see, and there was one raggy survivor picking through the fallen bricks! I sensed that the whole of the planet was like this, at least in the West, not being able to see the rest of the planet. 

Baba then said....."The lord and I are maintaining this safe zone, to protect the survivors for the new race to come."

I then saw what seemed to be a picture of underground cities, two of them, under what would be the Colorado rocky mountains [military underground bases].

I then saw something, sports fans, that scared me a bit, as I then saw Baba get ANGRY! [when a Master gets angry, that is very, very significant!]

I watched Baba ball his fist into the palm of one of his hands, as he could barely physically contain his anger. He then pointed to the projected image and shook his fist in anger, saying DARKLY...."Those people in those two cities have *GOT* to be gotten at, as if they survive and come out of their cities, their attitudes will POISON these safe zone survivors with the ways of the materialistic old way of life"!!

Baba then went on to say how there are "actually 6 or 7 radio stations there in the safe zone". [I am not sure about the numbers of station, I think that there is a clue here!] end of dream!

AUSTRALIAN DICTATORSHIPIt was late afternoon. There were a whole bunch of people waiting near the Brisbane River for fireworks that were going to proceed at 7pm. Completely unexpectedly, they started setting off the fireworks while it was still light and a few hours prior to the time they were supposed to. Saw a couple of large fireworks go off, then they had what looked like fireworks going horizontally. It was actually laser, and when they focused it upon points on a building for a few seconds, then it would start a fire. By this stage people were getting fairly scared and started moving away. The laser then followed the people as they were going. I stayed put after finding a friend hiding behind a small object. He said “duck down, there are people just over there looking for us”. I did as he said, and then waited. Pretty soon security guards start walking along searching for any strays. One guard walks past the area where we are, and the turns around. He sees us there, and starts to come over. I could see that nothing good was going to come from this. As the guard reached us, I woke up. I remember waking up and turning on the tv, only to see that the government had finally declared martial law...for what reason I’m not had been about 4 days that all of this had been going on...I remember seeing fires and lots of them...the people started to rebel against the that point I knew I had to go out and do my part to help others fight the good fight...on my way out on the road I remember pulling over to help an elderly couple who were stuck on the side of the we sat there, a number of military vehicles passed by...some stopped, thats when I woke up...

ALIEN INVASION – I was seeing a few things happening at once in the dream. I was with my family, though not in any location I recognize, but there was a television screen there as well. In this dream, I had a certain "awareness" of events that were transpiring around the world, and also I could see some of them on TV and if I looked outside the window. One event is the mass landing of aliens and their attempts to educate and befriend humanity as a whole. Another is the falling of comets everywhere, which created huge dust or cloud cover, making it very dark even during the day, and very windy and cold. Another is the chaos and confusion of people as a whole, and the attempt by the government and the media to organize and "relax" people. The entire thing "felt" like a huge hurricane that just hit us dead on. The whole dream was in the state of "turbulence" and "panic" for me, I could not get my "bearings" or "focus" too much, but I was aware of what is transpiring. Sort of like you may feel if a tornado picks you up, and you're spinning inside the tornado together with everything/everyone else, and you're also trying to communicate with those who are also spinning in this huge violent, noisy, and dirty funnel, by shouting at the top of your lungs - that was the general sensation of the dream. Everyone around me seemed to either not understand what is happening, or ignoring it and just watching TV, or maybe they didn't hear me. Meanwhile, I was attempting to TELL them what is going on, point to the different things and explain to them their meanings and what is really happening, but I felt ignored, or even laughed at. The attempts at controlling the population appeared peaceful, at least to the degree I was aware of. The media displayed messages of love and light for the people, and tried to portray the aliens as benevolent saviors. I was in a huge state of panic at this point, and there were some details in the dream, and things I said that I cannot even make sense of right now. I saw the numbers 777 and 888 on TV many times, in huge font, as if they were representing something very significant. Somehow these numbers were associated with an advertisement for something, like Coke or Pepsi. Yet at the same time, they were associated with the aliens somehow, and I'm also not sure what these connections mean. But the really strange part is, when I saw 777 (or maybe when I saw the 888?), I screamed to my dad "This is the number of JESUS!". I don't know why I said this, but I do know that this was an important "point" to demonstrate the true, "evil" motives of the aliens, and the huge conglomerates (like Pepsi or Coke, whatever it was). It was almost like the commercial was advertising a food product and the aliens at the same time, though im not sure exactly how they were related. But he either didn't hear me, or ignored me. I saw people on the street, in dark cover of huge dust clouds and violent winds, and there was massive panic and confusion. They were breaking store windows, taking things, running around screaming, attacking one another, etc. Those who were not panicking and running around the streets, were glued to the television screens.

ALIEN TAKEOVER, LABOR CAMPS – In a dream the whole world seemed to be silent... No birds.. No animals... No people on the street. For some reason I had to go to downtown, and I've decided to take a walk on a highway, since there were no one there. As I was walking, on the sides of highway I saw some sort of barracks or work camps, where I saw people working and doing stuff. I felt huge pity for them... but I knew that there is nothing I could do. I knew all the people have been imprisoned by "evil".. And for some reason I knew that "evil" could not do anything to me or have interest in me if I do not interfere with them aka do not attempt to change their ways (it was some sort of mutual agreement I had in my head). All  of the sudden I walk through these "labor camps".. And I see a sick man asking for help... Though I knew I can not interfere... I decided to help the poor guy (he needed to get a tool that fallen in the hole, he could not reach it and he would get in trouble because of that). I knew I was not suppose to help or be in barracks, but compassion took over. I have reached for the tool, and I see "inspector". He looked like gray (that's to my current understanding now). I tried to stand close to wall hoping the creature will pass by and won't notice me.. but sure enough he walked in... I knew me and the guy I was trying to help would be in trouble... So... I have murdered the gray.. (hit him in the head with a hammer) Now I knew I have "violated non-touch agreement" and now they were after me... I did escape to downtown. City also looked and felt "ice-cold", where someone "invisible" (I knew they were masters of these gray creatures) told me that they would "forgive my violation" and I  won't be touched if I agree to be one of the architects to help to build a new city..  I refused and was trying to escape the city... All the ways out of the city were blocked by blockposts... I do not think "block-post" keepers realize my intentions at first... But I did take a run through it... They were screaming and yelling at me to come back.. and that I am in serious deep chit now.. but I knew the "city guards" could not leave the territory... and they send flying mechanisms after me, but I knew they were not effective after certain distance... However, I was aware of "gray creatures" being outside the city some place still trying to chase me...I also knew that there is a place of refuge, where no one is able to reach or harm me in any way... I did not know what it was, but I knew that eventually if I do not give up I will get there... And I did... When the creatures were especially close, I saw something that did not "fit the picture", I was a meadow in the middle of dark forest, with a tree in the middle that was producing light... I got there... And was greeted by an older men that smiled and told me not to worry now... no one will be able to harm you here... And he was right... all these creature were not able to go there (they were afraid and very furious about it)

ALIEN UNDERGROUND BASES (DENVER AIRPORT?) – The dream began with a crowd of people-I just somehow "appeared" in their midst-and the crowd was moving around in some type of undergound location. You could tell it was underground-or perhaps in a mountain because the walls were rough hewn stone-there were lights overhead-harsh and bright, some type of signs or writing on the walls-but I do not recall what they said or the language. It was home to these people-they live there in this subterranean place. The crowd appeared agitated-either angry or frightened-perhaps both. Now comes the freaky part-there was a large expanse of wall in front of us-and suddenly these men just somehow materialised right out of the wall! Covered from head to toe in black body armor-faces obscured by visors-and they had these big dogs-German Shepards as I recall-snarling and drooling and barking. The men had some type of automatic weapons-and with no warning began shooting into the crowd.

TIME AND SPACE BECOME RELATIVE – VIOLATION OF PHYSICAL LAWS – Two years ago I had this dream. Lots of red and white round  aerial vehicles came during the day time. There were so many you could not count them. I said, oh my god they've come to invade us. Then I see my mother, who was 74 then. She is on a branch of the fig tree and she jumps down, like a young girl would. Then I say (to myself) then we must be in the 4th density. Then I woke up. I don't know whether this was a recurring theme or not as I do not remember my dreams when I get up.

ALIEN INVASION, FALSELY BENEVOLENT RULE – Basically it was a massive global invasion. And it was like the feeling you might get in a police state. Fear and hopelessness and desperation. I have only had one other mass UFO invasion dream in the past, and both dreams were VERY powerful emotionally, which is pretty rare, and both left a huge impact on me as a result. In this most recent dream I remember the aliens set up some sort of order where they were actually made to look like the good guys, doing what's best for us, and everyone around me bought into it. But I knew better. I also knew they were telepathic, so I had to disguise even my thoughts, I had to think only what they'd expect people to think to "blend in". Despite the overwhelming emotions, I also had to disguise my emotions. Basically I had to "play dumb" both inside and outside when in their presence, which was a pretty unique situation since disguising your own thoughts and emotions isn't necessary when dealing with human tyrants, which made it so much more difficult. Anyway I waited till my family and I weren't under watch and the aliens were doing something in a public setting, and we quietly "snuck out" and ran. We were running through a thick forest, hoping to be unnoticed, but they knew. They followed us, and at first they didn't reveal their presence but then it was clear as we saw a UFO above the trees flying above us. That was a pretty powerful emotional moment, because my family was there, and now I had to scramble and think how to protect myself AND them, what to do. And here is where it gets really interest.

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